Essay on The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The time of modernism was the time that writes would write in their own ways. The book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was about the roaring 20’s at New York. This book is about Nick Carraway becomes obsessed with his neighbor Jay Gatsby that later on they become the best of friends. The modernism area was from the 1920s’ to the 1930s’ which at this point authors wrote like how they talked. A theme from The Great Gatsby is wealth can’t cure isolation and loneliness with is expressed with the use if characterization, local or realism and setting. First of all, the 20s’and 30s’ was the time that modernism grew which authors wrote the way they talked. A common theme with the book and with the modernism period was the Roaring 20’s. During the modernism period wrote in point of view, local color or realisms setting was some of the example the authors used in their stories. Authors moved away the original way of write and made the book more interesting. At this area writes wrote how they thought the book would make it more interesting. For instance the book The Great Gatsby is an excellent example of an example. Secondly, the book The Great Gatsby had many plots throughout the story. In the book in the main characters are Nick Carraway, Nick’s neighbor Jay Gatsby, and Nick’s second cousin . In the begging Nick moves to West Egg New York for his profession that he study for at Yale. Nick goes to see his second cousin Daisy, Daisy’s husband Tom Buchanan and Jordan Baker.…

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