The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The roaring twenties was a time of drastic change on culture and society. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby had a great influence on American literature. Fitzgerald showed the struggles of pursuing the American dream. Not only showing the struggles of pursuing the American dream Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby to show how society had changed after having its first major war. Francis Scott Fitzgerald was born September 24, 1896. At a young age he showed an interest in literature. Fitzgerald attended the University of Princeton. While he was at Princeton he was a distinguished literary figure among the university. He did not graduate from Princeton because he failed out due to his poor academics. After failing out of Princeton he joined the army in November of 1917. While he was stationed at Camp Sheridan he met his future wife Zelda Sayre. They both instantly fell in love with one another. Fitzgerald wanted to move to New York to find a good job so he could start making more money to support Zelda. He had high hopes of finding a great job. He ended not finding a very good job so Zelda broke off their engagement. After Zelda left him he returned to Minnesota and published his first novel This Side of Paradise in 1920. This was a very successful novel which provided him with wealth and fame. Since now he was famous and wealthy Zelda agreed to marry him. In 1924 he moved with his family to the Rivera and joined a group of wealthy American expatriates. Fitzgerald caught…

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