The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay example

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“You can never make a second first impression.” This age-old saying is used in our society to emphasize the importance of making a good, memorable first impression. Any initial encounters with new people, places, and things are significant because it is human nature to make quick judgements and formulate opinions without having the whole story. The wealthy socialites of West and East Egg residing in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, are far more concerned with outward appearances than they are with actuality. In a letter to a friend, Fitzgerald describes the “whole burden” of his novel as “the loss of those illusions that give such color to the world so that you don’t care whether things are true or false so long as they partake of the magical glory.” Narrator Nick Carraway arrives in New York after spending his youth in the West, and moves in next door the wealthy and elusive Jay Gatsby. While Carraway is fascinated with the lavish lifestyle and mysteries of his new neighbor, Gatsby remains is fascinated with a long lost romantic interest. Over the course of the novel, both Nick and Jay must come to terms with the harsh reality that the people they believe they know are not always what they seem, and that their illusions are far more glamorous than real life.
Nick’s first impression of Gatsby does not occur when the pair meet for the first time. In fact, Nick begins making assumptions about Gatsby before he can even put a name to the face. When Nick moves into…

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