The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Unequal, weak, and controlled have just been some of the many types of issues that women in 1920s American society have described their relationships with men as. In comparison to men in 1920s America, women were discriminated because of their sex. In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author shows similarities between the female characters in the book to 1920s women in American society. Such restrictions that emphasized the similarities between the book to society at the time have been gender norms, class division, and marriage / love.
Social norms have been always shown bias against women pressuring them to be deprived of their freedom and importance in society. Maintained throughout the book, the idea of cheating for both genders have been very differently interpreted by society. For men, this norm has been accurately represented in the book as being acceptable and may even be considered normal, whereas, for women, it has been deemed wrong and unacceptable. This has been proven when Jordan gossiped to Nick that “Tom’s got some woman in New York,” and when Daisy would respond, “It couldn’t be helped!” (20). In the dialogue, it has shown that women at the time did not have the influence to prevent their men from cheating on them, even with knowledge of it. This has been because women in the book as well as those in the 1920s American society did get the right to divorce their husbands where their husbands did.
On the other hand, if, a woman was to cheat…

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