The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay examples

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In the award winning novel The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald draws us to each chapter with agony and deception of achieving the American dream. While the American Dream can be achieved by anyone, that doesn 't mean that it will be free of lies, rumors, and corruption. Gatsby, who is the main character, has unknowingly achieved the American Dream. Gatsby was born into poverty which led him to this “dream”; Gatsby fell in love with Daisy Buchanan who loved him as well, but because of his social and wealth status could not be with him emotionally or physically. Gatsby went into war trusting that Daisy would be waiting for him, but soon finding out that she had moved on. Moved on to a wealthier man, a man who could buy her things, take care of her emotionally and physically. Such trickery had given Gatsby the “green light” to becoming a wealthier man. Gatsby knew his dream was to win Mrs. Buchanan back, but he knew money had to exist in this scenario. Gatsby carried his dream on by contacting the people who he knew who brought home fine wads of money. Gatsby was soon led into dealing illegal drugs out of several illegal drugs stores around the city. Before anyone knew it, Gatsby had bought a huge house with a beautiful view of the water, and of course Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby was living the American dream; nice cars, nice home, nice furniture, nice appliances, and a wealthy wallet. Gatsby may have the fame and fortune, but he does not have a well put reputation. We see this in…

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