The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Great Gatsby, originally published in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a novel that follows a cast of characters living in a fictional town of West Egg that takes place in the summer in Long Island, New York. The novel has many historical elements incorporated into the book which show what it was like during this time period as well as the vast changes that took over society. The Great Gatsby also has many notable themes such as society and class, love and deceit, and forgiveness which all play an important role in the novel. America during the 1920s was a time full of social and political changes, and for the first time many Americans lived in cities instead of farms (“The Roaring Twenties”). Another notable thing about the twenties was the rise of the “flapper girl” which can be seen from the many women in Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby. A flapper was simply a young woman with bobbed hair, who also wore shorts skirts and drank or smoked (“The Roaring Twenties”). Cigarettes were advertised to women as a sign of modern sophistication and the 1920s flapper was usually pictured with a cigarette in her hand (Benner). However, not every woman could be a flapper during this time. Majority of the time, flappers were college girls, unmarried women, or independent office workers who had a great amount of money (Benner). During the twenties, many people from the middle and upper classes had extra money to spend so they spent it mainly on things for their houses, nice…

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