The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald changed America through his novel The Great Gatsby. “Fitzgerald is regarded as one of the most capable, engaging and insightful writers of the 20th century. He is one of the truly great American storytellers, an inspiration for writers and seen as one of truly great troubled geniuses. In addition, The Great Gatsby is marked as one of the great American novels, if not the Great American Novel. (An American Icon 6).” F. Scott Fitzgerald used the world around him, the historical background, critical analysis and personal experiences to formulate the novel The Great Gatsby.
The character of Jay Gatsby portrays the author F. Scott Fitzgerald by the similarities in their love lives. Both F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jay Gatsby fell madly in love. Fitzgerald fell for his dream girl Zelda Sayre, while Gatsby fell for the upper class, or high society, Daisy. Fitzgerald and Gatsby both understood the faults in their partner, however they were unwilling to acknowledge them. They both built up an unrealistic fantasy of the perfect woman and believed the fantasy was true. Gatsby spent fives years of unfading love with this dream girl Daisy. Fitzgerald on the other hand, was fully aware of Zelda’s mental illness (Schizophrenia) but choose not to acknowledge or accept it (Arkett 1). In addition to Jay Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald is also portrayed in the character and narrator Nick Carraway.
F. Scott Fitzgerald and Nick Carraway are similar in the sense that Nick…

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