The Great Gatsby By F. Salinger Essay

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Jerome David Salinger, better known as J.D. Salinger was an american author who revolutionized writing with his personification and controversial books such as The Catcher in the Rye. He was a man whose life seemed unclear at first and when he finally discovered his purpose he had to fight past roadblock after roadblock to become the world renowned author he was. He would trade all of that away to live a life secluded from the public eye. The only true information known of Salinger are records of his whereabouts in his early life and his works, meaning much of his later life is a mystery. It began on January 1st of 1919 in New York, New York. Jerome David Salinger was born the second son to a successful ham and cheese import manager Sol Salinger, and a Scottish-born mother named Miriam Salinger. Sol Salinger was the son of a rabbi and this conflicted with Miriam’s Scottish roots. To protect themselves from public discrimination Miram and Sol kept Mirams Scottish heritage an extreme secret, so much so that J.D. did not know of his mother 's roots until he was 14. Throughout his life J.D. struggled conforming to school and following what was expected of students. He didn’t lack intellect, but still managed to flunk out of his school of Mcburney near New York 's upper west side where he was captain of the fencing team. It was after this that J.D.s parents became upset and sent J.D. to Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne Pennsylvania. While there J.D. worked on the school…

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