The Great Gatsby And The Sun Essay

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In an era muddled with reform, Post War veterans, and the search for the American Dream, the 1920’s were a critical point for all. Possibly the most critical for F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, authors driven by their lost hopes and dreams, of whose literature is still studied today to understand the adversities and bewilderment of the past. Their novels, The Great Gatsby and The Sun Also Rises both explore the motif of achieving this American Dream throughout the representation of superficial women. Women in both novels portray their changing role in society whilst in relationships with men whom they easily manipulate and establish that they are not able to love genuinely.
Submerged with the idea that Daisy Buchannan, a woman of love’s past, could be lured back to Gatsby after five years, was the cause that Jay Gatsby decided to devote his life to, yet Daisy was not as eager to return to him. Gatsby was a man molded by an aristocrat, Dan Cody, who picked Gatsby up along shore after a grateful deed, but after he died, Gatsby was soon sent out to fight in the First World War. Stationed in Louisville, he met a gleaming girl, always dressed in “white, and had a little roadster, and all day long the telephone rang in her house from excited young officers” (Fitzgerald 74). Gatsby played his hand at Daisy’s heart, full of the swoon of many other soldiers, and won the innocent, gentile girl. Daisy was the only person in Gatsby’s life to show some sort of affection…

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