Essay The Great Gatsby And The American Dream

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Esha Parikh
Ms. Dunphy
19 January 2014
The Great Gatsby and the American Dream
The Great Gatsby is set during a time period of prohibition, yet no one seems to abide by it, bootleggers, music and extravagant, showy parties, and the American Dream. Fitzgerald showcases this “jazz age” period in history as a time where the rich do not seem to have a care about the world, while the poor are left in a heap of debris. Fitzgerald wanted his readers to see what happens under The Read White and Blue(The Great Gatsby’s original title) and the hopelessness of achieving the American dream. F. Scott Fitzgerald portrays the American Dream in the novel, The Great Gatsby as an idea that is obtainable, but only if the person obtaining it is chasing after their own dream and who is able to stay satisfied once they have achieved what they are looking for. Fitzgerald showcases the fact that the American Dream can be obtained through the intricate life of Jay Gatsby and the way in which his dream begins, and how it ends. Despite Gatsby’s lack of education and position at birth, he works hard and achieves wealth and prosperity. Irrespective to Gatsby’s “fortuitous circumstances of birth or position,”(Adams) Gatsby was able to afford to live in “a factual imitation of some Hotel de Ville I Normandy, with a tower on one side, spanking new under a thing beard of raw ivy, and a marble swimming pool, and more that forty acres of lawn”(Fitzgerald 10). Seen though Gatsby went about his money…

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