The Great Facts About The Death Penalty Essay

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The Great facts about the death penalty Why do some states still have the Death Penalty?

We were talking about the death penalty so far, and what happened to on the death row, but we need to find some solutions fix the death penalty issue for good. These are the main problems about the death penalty is that the system is rigged; what I mean is that a lot of really innocent people gets sentenced to death, nobody want found the real killer, they just want to solve the crime fast and quick to keep everybody happy at bay, keep their records for solving crime fast, but people lives is being put the lives for the police, lawyers careers, and that not right at all. Another problem is that methods of the death penalty is too gruesome to do a another person, like hanging them, putting in gas charmer, and Electrocuting them, and giving them poisons that not humans; that just crazy to things that you don’t want to do to an animals; but people thinks that will works based on their beliefs. The death penalty goes against our nature to take a another person live based our need for revenge; that will not help anything, but makes thing more worse than before because there is more hurt feeling because of they missed their loved one, and want to avenged their lost love ones, trust me that will not help anything just let the justice system solve things from there. In today ages we live in a world that we want revenge for anything we think that person has done to us, like killing them,…

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