The Great Expectations By Charles Dickens Essay

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Advice from an orphan living in Victorian England could change the way today’s youth approach relationships. Pip, the protagonist in the novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, is an orphan who pursues the life of a gentleman in London with the sponsorship of a mysterious benefactor. Pip learns an abundance of knowledge throughout his life. If he were to advise twenty-first century youth, he would have valuable guidance for maintaining authentic relationships. A common, contemporary relationship problem, especially in abusive relationships, is for one participant to feel used. This is a problem Pip experiences in his life and through which he learns to defend and advocate for himself. For example, in Pip’s relationship with Estella and Miss Havisham, Miss Havisham takes advantage of him solely to train Estella to break men’s hearts. Pip allows her to do so until later in life when he travels back to Kent to confess his love for her. Here, he proclaims, “It would have been cruel in Miss Havisham, horribly cruel, to practise on the susceptibility of a poor boy, and to torture me through all these years with a vain hope and an idle pursuit” (332). This demonstrates how Pip gains the confidence to confront Estella and Miss Havisham, a lesson he would likely pass on to today’s generation. In Uncle Pumblechook 's relationship with Pip, Pumblechook claims Pip’s success as his own. At one instance, when Pip returns to Kent, the waiter at the inn tells him his own…

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