The Great Epidemic Of The United States Of America And The Developing Nation India

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Research Analysis

Both developed and developing nations around the world have experienced some degree of unfortunate fetal and early childhood development based upon the food and agriculture associated in that nation. The food, agriculture, and soil in developed and developing countries can cause damaging birth defects upon pregnant women and the physical development of early childhood. This topic can of great conflict, for the keen natural resources needed for the survival of both the mother and her offspring can possibly produce life altering effects on the developing fetus. This is a great epidemic for it affects about 3 out of 100 women in the U.S ( and 61 to 70 women every 1000 live births have birth defects ( We’re going to look at how a developed nation, the United States of America and the developing nation India, is affected in terms of the scientific, ethical, legal and impactful implications it has over human health.
In a developed country such as the U.S, we have used a very inexpensive chemical used to kill weeds. This chemical was commonly used but the name of it was unknown to the common citizen. This chemical is called 2, 4-D also known by chemist as dichlorophenoxyacetic acid , there has been scientific evidence that the chemical is a danger and threat not only to human health but the environment. The pesticide allows fruits and vegetables to flourish by attacking the roots and weeds. This chemical is used widely in…

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