The Great Downfall Of A Business Or Corporation Essay

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In corporate America or even the world companies are found with objectives that they must execute. These valuable objectives can, if executed correctly and efficiently, lead to the great success of a company. If said objectives are completed poorly or not at all, it can lead to the great downfall of a business or corporation. These objectives are more commonly known as management practices. Management practices are planning, leading, organizing, staffing and controlling. The functions are university recognized and are implemented in every work place for centuries. When a company implements the management practices in their workplace effectively, the company is always met with positive results. In my line of work, I believe that my part of the company can increase profit and notoriety if they begin to implement the five management practices more effectively. The company is very popular in Denver Colorado but the Virginia branch has a lot of work to do.

Planning is one of the first practices that can be used to help keep a business more organized. There are more than just one type of planning, so it is important for a company to understand what type of planning would be the most effective. The four types of planning are strategic, tactical, operational and contingency. At the current time it would seem that the Virginia branch is using more of an operational planning system. There is never a set schedule to go by because the job could change over night depending on builders…

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