The Great Depression Essay

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The great depression is one of the most deviating points in American history as it pushed

the American spirit to the brink of the human limit. This horrible time in American

history has many different causes that notable historians focus and pinpoint this result on.

The main 3 common causes for the Great Depression though are the original stock market

crash of 1929, the drought conditions of the time on North American soil and the overall

lack of purchasing of goods in our nation at the time.

To start off, our nation was in a horrible time economically by the end of the 1920s

after living high because of the foreign purchases of our goods in times of world war I.

Though Doc B depicts, This led our economy to a new high and often put our citizens

head in the clouds in terms of money. The rapid increase of bank loans and credit at the

time made many Americans feeling the economy was a safe bet because of this strength,

though this fooled the public mightily. As Doc A shows, more and more citizens began

buying stocks, the market started going downhill pushing these citizens to try and sell

these stocks in order to keep from going into severe debt. After numerous roller coaster

periods of stock frenzy, the public was safe in the hands of Wall Street. This until

October 24th when companies like JP Morgan decided to enter their stocks, feeling safe at

the time. As more and more companies entered their share, Wall Street failed and the a


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