The Great Depression : Wwi People Were Dire Need For Governmental Support

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During the great depression fallowing WWI people were in dire need for governmental support. The government however, failed its people and thus Self-help (better known as socialism) began. The people took matters into their own hands practicing a form of direct action. Self- help was designed out of the American’s desire for change and support regardless of government help. Self- help was pretty much something that worked like this, the benefit of the group over the benefit of the individual. You may have heard of the saying, “ If you scratch my back I will scratch yours” and this was precisely what self-help was, a trade off. Still not really making sense? Here is an example, fisherman in Seattle began to exchange their fish to farmers who would intern exchange their fruits and veggies to the fisherman. Trading became almost a new type of new currency for working people. Trading helped satisfy the need of each and every person without money or any help from the government. But trade wasn’t just the full extent of self- help. Self-help started to really inspire people, it showed them reform was necessary and also very possible. These people were serious and they were not going to stop until their needs were met. Self-help involved heavy unionization and massive strikes. Self-Help really began to empower the people. The government considered self-help to be a form of “bootleg.” They tried to prostitute but found local juries would not convict self help members and local…

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