The Great Depression Was A Turning Point For The United States

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The Great Depression was a turning point for the United States it began in 1929 and lasted until 1939, it was the longest, most severe economic Depression ever faced in North America. Cities all over the United States were impacted. There were extremely high rates of unemployment and deflation. The rates of unemployment reached its highest peak in 1933, up to 14 million people were unemployed. The Great Depression was triggered by the stock market crash of 1929. Banks, factories and stores started to fail and eventually they closed, there was a drastic reduction in purchasing goods. The unequal distribution of wealth contributed to the great depression, In the 1920s, the wealthiest one percent owned more than a third of American assets.

The economic impact the Great Depression had on the United States was very profound. The amount of jobs lost reached high records. No jobs meant no money, no money meant no food. Although there were shelters that gave out food daily the nutrients in the food were not enough to keep a healthy body. Malnutrition was very common due to lack of food. Malnutrition was not the only thing that affected people, lacking a strong immune system was another major issue. People were more prone to diseases and sicknesses because their bodies had no way of fighting them off. Long term effects because of malnutrition were very common in young children and teens. There was no medic care in order to cure the sick, if there was it was either too…

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