The Great Depression Was A Time For America Essay examples

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The Great Depression was a time for America that was in poverty. US citizens were homeless and jobless. Two long term effects of the Great Depression were the farming situation and bank. Before the Depression, a lot of farmers were over producing crops. This was for the war effort to support all the soldiers fighting. Farmers wanted to keep growing crops; they did this by removing all the weeds and grass to farm more crops. However the soil’s nutrients were all gone and unable to grow more crops. Bad soil mixed with the heavy and devastating dust storms, created many problems for farmers. Farmers were unable to grow many crops for the nation. Another reason why the nation went into poverty is due to all the banks. As soon as the stock market crashed, people demanded a withdrawal. People did not get any more loans from the bank since most banks were failure. This resulted in a lot of banks being shut down due to be a failing bank. Before the Depression hit, in 1928, Hoover was elected a president. Hoover believed in voluntary cooperation, rugged individualism, and believed in a wait and see approach. Hoover wanted the people to figure out problems by themselves without any government help. Hoover also wanted to have everyone not fight and not strike back. Everyone should help each other out. Hoover decided to not do anything to aid the people because Hoover believed in that the economy had natural cycles that go up and down. During the Depression, Hoover…

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