The Great Depression : Rethinking The Male Body Essay

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Armengol, Josep M. "Gendering the Great Depression: Rethinking the Male Body in 1930s American Culture and Literature."Journal Of Gender Studies 23.1 (2014): 59-68. Academic Search Premier. Web. 22 Apr. 2016.
In this article, the role of the male during the Great Depression in the United States is discussed. The Great Depression caused males during this time period to feel emasculated. During Roosevelt’s administration, New Deal reforms aimed to “remasculinize” the traditional role of the male by establishing a correlation between the several images of the role of the male body. Marxist authors and critics established this correlation regarding gender and class that John Steinbeck produced in his work. This is a scholarly-reviewed, credible source. The author, Josep M. Armengol, is editor of Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Barcelona. There is no bias present in this article and all information is valid. The timeliness of this article dates to March of 2014. This source provides information such as the role of the male during the Great Depression and the result of the emasculated male in the household during this time period. This information can be used to aid in the explanation of the isolation that overcame Elisa regarding her relationship with her significant other.

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