The Great Depression Ravaged The 1930 ' S Essay examples

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The Great Depression ravaged the 1930’s was a time of great strain for the American people, both economically and morally. They had to deal with mass droughts that destroyed crops, the stock market crash that led to many banks going out of business, and the collapse of the job market which left millions unemployed. With one third of the population poverty stricken, despair was a mentality that spread across the nation. The Great Depression had an immense negative affect the citizens who had to endure it, leaving the whole country in a depressed state wherein over one third of the population was left to struggle for their basic needs and livelihood. The New Deal was the driving force that the American people need, it gave them hope and new opportunities that would ultimately lead their nation out of the worst depression it had ever seen. During the Great Depression farmers and those whose work involved agriculture struggled because of complications that made having a steady income impossible. Farming was a difficult task as at the time widespread drought made planting risky (the plot could wither and die out of too little water was supplied) and if the crop failed, the farmer had wasted resources they could not get back. Most farmers were facing bankruptcy. This in turn affected the United States’ economy as it was hugely reliant on agriculture so, while not only deeply affecting farmers and their family, this problem affected the entire US as well. Through the Farm…

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