The Great Depression Of The 20 ' S Essays

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In the 1920s Americans were in the decade of prosperity and confidence. Towards the end of the 20’s was the start of the great depression that greatly affected everyone. That included business,government,economics,and many more. The groups that were changed drastically from the 1920s to the 1930s was the economy, women and african americans due to the great depression. The 1920s were the golden ages for the economy ,but after in the 1930s the economy faced a difficult struggle and government made new deals to try to fix it. Women had a great amount of freedom in the 1920s ,even after being the first ones affected by the great depression,women still did amazing to survive during a harsh time. African Americans faced discrimination in the 1920s but even during the great depression African Americans found a way to survive and found help through FDR’s (Franklin D. Roosevelt) New Deals. Economy was the greatest during the 1920s and was higher than ever ,but when the stock market crashed everything went down in the 1930s. In document 1 the image shows how big business was allowed to do anything and that was great for them because they made a lot of money since business didn’t have any regulations.This was a big reason why during the 1920s the economy was doing great, the government wasn’t getting involved.Document 4 shows how the generation of the 1920s had no regulations ,that it was like a spoiled child and it just wanted more. Most people benefited from how the economy was…

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