The Great Depression Of The 1920s ' The Film ' Young Sherlocks '

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With the many short films from the 1920s, the film, Young Sherlocks: Poverty, captures a lot of attention towards what actually happened throughout the roaring 1920s. Although the film focuses on a young boy trying to care for his sister and finding anything to eat or drink, I believe the main focus relates to The Great Depression of the 1920s. Although that is not mentioned in the film, the main focus is poverty and how children got around few things. There was one young girl that was part of the higher class and the young boy notices how she is taken and wants to help. The whole idea behind the upper class young girl was for the other men to get a reward back from the town because of poverty. Although the film was short, it was easy to pull information and get an idea as to why they made this film. Luckily the ending was a happier seen for the children, it was interesting to see how the children got around and managed their sources when they could not just afford them. The film, Young Sherlocks: Poverty, reflects the point of the Great Depression in the 1920s and how the American farm life was affected and people went jobless. Within the film, there is a point in which a young girl, who never gets in trouble, gets compared to everyone else. She is part of the white race and dresses very wealthy. She asks the store clerk for the best apple to feed her horse because the horse needs the best of the best. Where as the young boy, who is living in poverty looks for anything he…

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