The Great Depression Of The 1920 ' S Essay

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The 1930’s was a time of devastation for the US economy and for people around the world. The great depression affected many people. Millions lost their jobs and were left homeless. Unemployment was at an all time high. Families lost their homes and had no source of income. This all changed when World War II broke out. When the war started in the 1940’s, thousands were presented with the opportunity to find jobs in the military. After thousands of men left to fight the war, tons of new jobs opened up, and women took their place in the workplace. The american economy also had a massive improvement. GDP rates increased, and the rate of profit was at an all time high. The war got the United States out of the great depression and helped to improve the economy for many years to come. During and after the war, we will see that the economy in the US prospered during and after the war and established the US economy as one of the strongest in the world.

The Great Depression affected everyone, from bankers to factory workers. Millions of people lost their jobs and were without a source of income. Hoovervilles, or low income housing popped up in every city. Families lived in shacks and one room houses. Many families survived off of the soup kitchens food. Men were forced to find work in the countryside and on farms. City men went out to the rural parts of the nation, looking for jobs and money. At the peak of the economic hardship, unemployment was at an…

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