The Great Depression Of The 1920 ' S Essays

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The 1920’s is proved as a regressive movement, contrary to progressive, through the adverse propulsion Canada experienced, which only roared in chaos. Slowly but surely, Canada experienced a sudden backlash. Firstly, through the through the oppression of minorities that was encouraged greatly by the general public. This injustice was on a large scale, and led to several issues of stereotypes still dealt upon with today. Secondly, the government made many foolish decisions causing the Great Depression to disrupt the general society. The actions of the government is deemed as poor judgement as a result of the bad decisions they allowed, the laws created, which was reflected in an economy hitting a downfall, and the rise of gangsters. Thirdly, the workers got undervalued and unappreciated. How can the 1920’s be viewed upon as victorious when workers got deemed as insignificant though the decade before they were praised? The decline found in the 1920’s justifies how the only roar was a cry for help as racism was encouraged, strikes disrupted society and the economy hit a downfall.

Minorities were always outnumbered and insignificant in the government’s eyes, but nothing was like the 1920’s. First Nations People were brutally beaten by the law and rules, but the government never relented, they only went on harder. First and foremost, in 1920 residential schools under the Indian Act, it became mandatory for every Indian child to attend a residential school and illegal for them to…

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