The Great Depression Of America Essay

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The Great Depression
The Great Depression is a time that brought great devastation not just in America alone, but the whole world had gone through such a horrible time in all societies. Not all of these countries had the worst effects of the Great Depression. Some countries had a relatively mild Great Depression, it was severe in others. Even though in the United States were not as severe they did have many deaths from people starving, also people from lost their farms and homes. There were people that even migrated inside America so they could get a better paying job and then they could take care of their families. The great depression was often called a “defining moment” in the twentieth-century in the United States. What this event has brought upon is better thinking about the economy. When the stock market went down, that is what brought the United States into the Great Depression. The economy was not fully recovered once the United States was brought into World War II. The American population had accepted that it was a time that the role in the government needed to be expanded. What has started all of this devastation and tragedy? Well into the 1920’s, there were a big explosive growth of American manufacturing. This helped drive the American economy. Instead of having steady growth through this expansion, the growth went sharply upward. Corporate companies hired additional worker so they could keep up with the production needs. The optimism of the people had led to…

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