The Great Depression Of America Essay

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During the beginning of the 1900 's near the 1930 's the soil erosion and deleption had reached its highest peak. During this time gullies of soil had gotten so deep that it was exceeding the height of homes. Fertilization and the rotation of crops we not taught to the farmers who were used to fertile soil. The erosion of the land became so extensive that it was said within the documentary that “A series of boxcars could go around the earth seven times with the amount of soil that had eroded” During this enviromental issue there was also another very detrimental problem within the United States; The Great Depression. The economical decline of America, the stock mocket was down 90 percent and unemployment 25 percent. This was a problem that America needed a solution, and in 1933 the American people received their answer; a man named Franklin D. Roosevelt. With this man as president he designed and took great interest in the Civilian Conservation Corps; one of America 's most influential organizations. With the Roosevelt administration it was brought to peoples attention that there was a need to take care of the enviroment and plant more trees. As told within the documentary “during the summer of 1933, within three months 250,000 young men were in the Civilian Conservation Corps.” Thus being the fast mobilization in American history. The requirements to join the Civilian Conservation Corps was to be male, unemployed, a United States citizen, willing to spend six months…

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