The Great Depression Of 1929 Essay

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The Great Depression of 1929 affected the lives of many people. After the stock market crashed, the job market suffered and people were laid off from work resulting in many businesses closing. People took extreme measures to survive as shown in the film, Cinderella Man. Men found themselves competing for jobs for low pay, steady work was hard to come by, and minorities, women included, faced harsh prejudices making their ability to compete almost impossible. Throughout this paper I will discuss the accuracies of the work force as they are depicted in Cinderella Man compared to actual events that took place during The Great Depression.

The stock market crash of 1929 affected the workforce greatly as explained in “Lessons in the 1930’s” by Crafts and Fearon. Employment rates dropped drastically leaving millions without work. The few who could keep their jobs worked longer hours for less pay as explained in Nishi’s, “The Great Depression”. The film shows how life was before the crash as businesses were booming and jobs were plentiful. People had stable jobs and could work to provide for their families without worries of a catastrophe like a stock market crash happening. The rapid decline in job availability left many unemployed. Those who owned homes could not afford to pay their mortgages as the money they saved quickly dwindled forcing millions of families into poverty (Nishi, 2001). In Cinderella Man, Jimmy’s family had a beautiful home in New Jersey then went to…

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