Essay on The Great Depression During The 1930 ' S

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The 1930’s is a decade that experienced one of the worst, if not the worst, economic conditions in the history the United States of America. This decade is the Great Depression era. Everyone, rich and poor, suffered during this time. People lost their homes and their jobs, mostly due to unemployment. African Americans have been considered less than their white counterparts prior to the Great Depression, and in this time of struggled their deaths could have been viewed as a benefit to the economy because there were slowly becoming less people in need of jobs. As the 1930s neared a close, conditions began to improve across the nation, but much did not change for African Americans, especially not for the black man. During the year of 1937, the Atlanta Constitution publicizes the insignificance and lack of value placed on the lives of African American men through articles displaying the neglect of police officials regarding the tragedies happening to black men, portraying them as a danger to others, as well as overall sparse news coverage of matters regarding black men.

Worthless Lives

In the search for events concerning the African American community, it was quite noticeable that there were two types of articles being seen in the Atlanta Constitution. These types are those that display police negligence and the portrayal black men being dangerous individuals. The former will be addressed first. When investigating cases involving a black man, the news articles…

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