Essay about The Great Depression And World War II

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The development of sound in the cinema happened around the time two major social commotions were going on: the Great Depression and World War II. Before sound came about, most silent films were accompanied ranging from a piano/organ to a full orchestra. Inventors tried joining images to reproduce sound through phonograph records, but it was too difficult to synchronize the sound due to the inadequacy of loudspeakers for theater auditoriums. Finally in 1927, the Warner Brothers released The Jazz Singer which was the beginning of synchronizing sound. Though sound had economic and technological implications, the style was affect. Before filmmakers realized that sound was used imaginatively, directors feared wide-ranging dialogue scenes in adapted plays would eliminate the flexibility of the camera and in editing of the silent era.
The United States had the first successful film industry with sound production. Lee DeForest was famous for his Phonofilm in which, was a sound-on film-process that converted sound into light waves reproduced on a photographic strip that ran alongside the images on a regular 35mm film strip. Western Electric created a sound-on-disc system, but Hollywood studios were too cautious to adopt it. As time progressed, the Warner brothers considered sound a cost-cutting substitute for live entertainment on film programs that would save on labor in their theaters and offer the same to other exhibitors. After sound-on-disc, Western Electric developed a…

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