The Great Depression And Unemployment Had On Health And Well Being

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Ranked as the most austere economic crisis of global proportions in modern times, the Great Depression resonated throughout America, Europe and the western world. It exposed the inability of political and financial institutions to cope, and the crisis quickly sparked a worldwide economic slump. One of the major consequences and legacy of the Great Depression was unemployment, and this essay aims to critically analyse the impact the Great Depression and unemployment had on health and well-being. To ascertain the sufficiency of welfare provision in both the US and Great Britain this paper will first look at Britain and then the US to understand the reality of provision against Government perception in both countries. It will provide a précis of the impact and scope of health issues experienced by those in need and finally this paper will look at how Government proposed to address these inadequacies in the provision of welfare.

One of the most traumatic factors of the Great Depression was the magnitude of human suffering. The physical and mental well-being of people and families who lost their homes, saving and jobs during the crisis cannot be underestimated from both a social and political viewpoint. Therefore it could be argued that this period of global recession would have serious consequences for public health.

Unemployment in Britain reached around three million as a result of the Great Depression. Figures at the time showed that 38% of families in…

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