The Great Depression And The Cold War Essay

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As Mahatma Gandhi stated, “Without action, you aren’t going anywhere.” “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Both these quotes can accurately be witnessed in the actions and messages through the hard work and dedication of John Peters Humphreys. Human Rights all around the world have been a cause thousands have been fighting to protect for decades. From sexism to abuse, our world has seen and participated in all kinds of prejudice. Thankfully, with time and dedication, a certain number of individuals stand out in our history on behalf of human rights. John Peters Humphrey was one of Canada’s most important human’s rights activists. With an upsetting history full of many privations, John took his past and let it guide him, crafting the strong and brave human rights advocate and activist many know him to be. During his life-time, John underwent both World War I and II, the great depression and the Cold War. In these dark and heavy times, life was difficult for many. People were afraid to speak up for themselves and hid their voices along with shadows of others. Considering the possibility of having Universal Human Rights seemed impossible at the time and was even harder to encourage and advertise. Although, even when times were problematic, John Peters Humphrey did not let the adversities deprive him of the goal he set in mind. He went on to become the drafter of the Universal declaration of rights and strived to set precedent for human rights in Canada and all around…

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