The Great Depression And Its Impact On America Essay

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The Great Depression was an economic shortfall and a time of hardship that affected America and the rest of the world. The depression began when the stock market crashed on October of 1929 and ended in 1939 when America started to plan for World War 2. Many people 's lives were ravaged and some were taken during these dark times. This event was the longest and most atrocious fiscal hindrance that America has ever experienced. The Great Depression definitely changed the culture of America, positively and negatively. The two parts of culture that were heavily impacted by this devastating event were the economy and the government.

The element of culture that was impacted most by The Great Depression was the economic part. To begin with, the year of the Great Depression was actually very good economically before October 29. In fact, the whole decade after World War 1 was referred to as the Roaring Twenties because of the great wealth at the time. “The 1920s had been very good economic times for most Americans. By 1929, production and employment were high, wages were increasing, and prices were stable; there were more middle-class Americans than ever before. American capitalism was in a lively phase and business was good” (Woodard). In the 1920s, The United States had the second highest amount of world exports and imports; responsible for 12% of the world’s imports and 16% of the world’s exports (Fearon). The stock market before the Great Depression was also very…

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