Essay about The Great Depression : A Critical Economic Depression

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The Great Depression was a critical economic depression that occurred for a decade; it ended right before World War II. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 was one of the greatest contributors to the Great Depression. During this period of time Americans were unemployed, barley had any food, and were incredibly desperate. It was a traumatic time for everyone, especially when the dust bowl hit. The dust bowl took place in the 1930’s and its effects were a number of parlous droughts which lead to dangerous sand storms that made it extremely difficult to grow crop. This was also a leading cause to the reason why America was in such bad shape. In the beginning Herbert Hoover tired to help as much as he could but nothing worked thus leading him to become a laughing stock and called a “do- nothing” president. The president who led during the Great Depression was FRD, Franklin D. Roosevelt; the president who changed the federal government to help change Americans living and financial situations during the depression.

There was an enormous change in lifestyle from the 1920’s to the 1930’s. In the roaring twenties it was all about mass production and improving the lives of Americans for the better and just as things were going up it dramatically went down. Bank failures, bankrupts, and unemployment were very common as a matter of fact it was happening to everyone in the 1930’s. Those who were most affected in the Depression were the working class and middle class. At this…

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