The Great Debaters : Movie Analysis Essay

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“The great debaters” is an excellent movie. The movie is about a historical event in the
1930s based on a true story of Professor Melvin B. Tolson. And his debate team. Professor
Melvin B. Tolson is a college professor that teaches at Wiley College in Marshall Texas. In the movie, Professor Tolson inspires four students to join his debate. The four students attending in the debate team are Henry Lowe, Samantha Booke, James Farmer, Jr, and Hamilton Burgess.
The students and Professor Tolson travel to different colleges, challenging every debate team that comes their way. Later on, they face Harvard one of the top colleges in America and win.
But the movie was more than just a professor and his debate team traveling and debating, the movie showed how life was back in their era. It showed examples of what emotions and characteristics the black community faced. The movie "The Great Debater" also showed good examples of shame and integrity.
The word shame means to have a painful feeling of humiliation. Many of us are familiar with the definition, but the definition doesn’t give us an example or imagination of how one experiences it. In the movie "the great debater," it demonstrates a good example of shame. One example of shame was when they came across a man being strung up by his neck and being burnt to death for being black. Professor Tolson told the students to lower their heads, so the white people burning the man wouldn 't spot them because of the color of their skin color.…

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