The Great Deal Of Credit Essay

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A farmer tends to be extremely mindful of what they have planted, fertilized, cultivated, and harvested. However, the germination and growth process of what they planted, fertilized, cultivated and harvested to complete maturity is entirely out of their hands and ability. Within a farming community a great deal of credit has been given to those who have the straightest and cleanest rows. One knows who is to be considered an amateur by the crooked rows, and one is considered a lazy farmer by the weeds in their field. Nonetheless, no matter the straight rows and weedless fields, there is not a farmer who thinks in their own mind that they are the one who grew the plants (Fisher 1996, 186).
The apostle Paul considered the apostolic work he was doing for God as something along the lines as farming for God. He in a sense planted the seed that became the church in Corinth, but it was God who was the one who caused the seed to begin the germination and growth process. Paul also understood that once his work was finished at the church in Corinth, the work was not going to just stop, the church had to continue to grow once he left. That’s where Apollos stepped in and pick up where Paul had left off, he continued to in a sense watering the seed of a church that Paul planted in Corinth, helping it grow. During all of this, Paul was careful to not take credit for such a miraculous sight, he was insisted that the growth of the church at Corinth was the work and a gift of grace…

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