Essay on The Great Convergence By Kishore Mahbubani

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If there was only one term that could be utilized in summarizing The Great Convergence by Kishore Mahbubani, that term would be Globalization. Globalization is described as a multifaceted concept that represents the increasing integration of economics, communications, culture, and many other aspects of global life across national boundaries (Boyer, 11). Mahbubani’s main argument is for greater globalization towards the end goal of one world. His argument is encompassed and generalized in his sub-title, Asia, The West, and The Logic of One World. Asia of the sub-title describes the Asian region of the world and the Asian population, detailing the explosive growth of the countries and the individual. The West of the sub-title describes the power shift from western societies to the east. The final portion of the sub-title, The Logic of One World, is vindicated by the two preceding parts including other rational depicted in the text. His argument comes from the lens of a Singaporean who has seen the growth of Asia first hand, as well as representing Singapore as the Ambassador and Security Council President in the U.N. (Mahbubani). Mahbubani portrays an unfamiliar lens of globalization because of his background and origin, but he does provide some familiarity when discussing western mentalities. Mahbubani supports his argument for increased globalization and the one world through three main points. His first point is depicted in Chapter 1 where he describes it as “A New Global…

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