Essay about The Great Consumption Of Fossil Fuels

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The great consumption of fossil fuels and the exponential increase in human population have also increase the greenhouse gases on the planet. The depletion and of petroleum and to their harm to the environment, biofuel arise as a promising option to replace fossil fuels in the future. Biofuel are derived from biomass conversion with many different examples such as biogas, biodiesel and bioethanol as the most currently used, and biofuels are considered not to leave a carbon print to the environment since they are considered CO2 neutral (1). The total dependency on fossil fuels such as gasoline, natural gas and petroleum gas makes it too risky in case of future depletion of the “black gold”. The risky part of fossil fuels is that they are not renewable and sooner or later we’ll deplete our reserves, and with this the necessity to produce a better and cleaner source of energy such as biofuels. Energy source classification can be divided in three parts: fossil, renewal and nuclear. The most commonly used is fossil that includes petroleum, coal natural gas oil shades. The main problem with fossil energy sources is the environmental damage due to greenhouse emissions and pollution. Renewable energy sources consisted of biomass, solar, wind, marine energy and they have a significant environmental benefit. (2) The main focus of this paper is to observe the potential benefits of Biofuel when it comes to environmental benefits compared to fossil fuels and their impact in the…

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