The Great Barrier Reef Decline Essays

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Introduction The causes for the Great Barrier Reef decline in Australia has been affected by natural and human faults. The natural effects of the decline are; water temperature changes, movements of the Earth’s crust (tectonic plates) and the new spreads of coral disease (1). As well as the anthropogenic stress, spotted on marine debris pollution, radiation and overpopulation (4). To understand the causes of species, decline better in the Great Barrier Reef, this research will be a case study method analysis from different scientist perspectives to respond and supply an updated research on the Great Barrier Reef decline over-time. Moreover, the objective of this research is to attract the reader’s compassion and comprehension of what has happened throughout the past research perspectives. Therefore, we can state that the natural and human faults have declined its remarkable biodiversity and range of habitats in The Great Barrier Reef of Australia. The scoping for this investigation will be a comparative observation of human and natural biodiversity symptoms in Charles Darwin’s theory (2) that lies later in Alfred Major’s theory in 1913 at the Great Barrier Reef (3) and the comparison of the most known environmental climate event, El Niño in 1982 (4). To show how the causes of a dramatic climate change of it’s biodiversity that will be complex to find a treatment to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

Past History and its Natural Causes The Great Barrier Reef is arguably…

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