Essay about The Great Arsenal Of Democracy

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On December 29, 1940, the thirty-second President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, delivered a speech via radio entitled "The Great Arsenal of Democracy." The announcement was made a year before the Attack on Pearl Harbor, at a time when Germany had occupied much of Europe and threatened Britain. This speech 's purpose was to promise of the United States ' indirect support of the countries fighting for democracy and freedom in the Second World War, like Britain, against the Nazis and their allies (the Axis) through provision of weaponry and other supplies. However, in order to do so, he thanks current contributors and requests the help of more American people to put in their efforts to produce this massive amount of weaponry. In this time of crisis, the United States is not as safe as it thinks it is. For this reason, Americans are asked to assist in creating a better world for the present and future and should increase production of these materials to become the great arsenal of democracy of World War II. This will ensure victory over the Axis of Evil.

I. Basic History The year is 1939, Hitler has already conquered Austria, and Czechoslovakia is almost taken. The Italians have conquered Albania. Even though every nation tried denying it, they all knew, War was coming. Meanwhile in the East, the Japanese have annexed Manchuria and are pushing further into China causing Chinese resistance movements to flare up. For all purposes, one can assume that the…

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