Essay about The Great American Dream?

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The Great American Dream
What is the “American Dream?” It is notoriously the United States of America’s claim to fame. It is truthfully how the country began - with thirteen British colonies full of dreamers with higher hopes and expectations for the future. In the 1700s, the dream consisted of three simple components: life, liberty, and, of course, the pursuit of happiness. However, as the young country got on it’s feet and began to peek through as a world power, the individuals who called the U.S. of A. home began to create a new, much more complex definition for this dream. Wealth and success were becoming easier for the average citizen to get their hands on, and the standards for achieving this dream were increasingly lifted to a higher and higher standard as the years kept turning. Although the American Dream is still very much alive today, the rise of our society has made it substantially more difficult for this dream to be obtained and kept alive by the average American. Due to the hardships that typically come with it, people begin to lose faith in the Dream while on the path towards it.
Now what do Americans include in this so-called dream? Although it varies among individuals, the American Dream consistently carries common ideals among the citizens of the United States. The Dream includes things like owning a piece of property, marrying and settling down with a family, having a job to support this family, and have leisures and comforts to call one’s own.…

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