The Great Advancements Of The Twentieth Century Essays

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The Internet has proven to be one of the greatest advancements of the twentieth century. So much so that many could not bear the possibility of not having access to it at all times. The Internet has gone through three basic forms during it’s growth, it started as an idea, became a reality as ARPANET, and expanded to the world as the Internet that is known today.
Johnny Ryan points out in his book A History of the Internet and the Digital Future that the Internet is the result of a desire for quick, international communication during the cold war. It was the idea of Paul Baran to expedite communication within the government by using a distributed network of devices. His idea was rough, and required much work. However, it was the basic outline of how the Internet works today. From there, the idea was picked up by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). They took Baran’s concept and made it a reality, calling it ARPAnet. Basically, ARPA created a network of computers that could all communicate together to make communication easier, and more effective. However, ARPAnet was highly exclusive. Only accomplished researchers in scientific labs had access and in 1990, ARPAnet was shut down. However, in November of that same year, CERN developer Timothy Berners-Lee started the first private web server, thus creating the Internet as it is known today. From there, the Internet skyrocketed and in a matter of twenty-five years, has grown to the extent that Lee and others could…

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