The Greasers Analysis

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Synopsis: The greasers and the Socs, two rival groups in the mid 1960’s, are facing many challenges throughout The Outsiders. Ponyboy, played by C Thomas Howell, is a young teenager living with his two older brothers Darry, Patrick Swayze, and Sodapop, Rob Lowe. He is part of the greaser gang, along with his closest friends Dally, Matt Dillon, Johnny, Ralph Macchio, Two-Bit, Emilio Estevez, and Steve, Tom Cruise. The two social groups do not get along, to say the least. Throughout the movie, there are rumbles, arguments, new friendships, and meaningful realizations. The greasers are looked down upon by the Socs for stereotypically being violent and unintelligent. However, when big events occur, things become very difficult in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Review: with the help of S.E. Hinton, the author herself, Francis Ford Coppola captures this dramatic, thrilling movie almost perfectly. The song “Stay Gold” by Steve Wonder which begins and ends the movie was a great choice because Johnny quoted “Stay Gold, Ponyboy” on his deathbed. The actors’ images were captured exceptionally. The greasers’ hair looked just as I had imagined it by the description in the book, especially Ponyboy. Another aspect I enjoyed was the introduction of the Socs. Having Dally …show more content…
One of the actors I was not fond of was Ralph Macchio, who played Johnny Cade. I did not think he represented the description of Johnny in the novel. His acting in some scenes, for example, his crying scene in the lot, was unrealistic. A couple of characters who I believe were not in the movie as much as they should have been are Darry and Sodapop. They were in a very large portion of the book, and their time in the movie should have been true to their time in the novel. Also, there were a few small details left out of the movie. Sodapop’s horse, Mickey Mouse, was not mentioned at all. Lastly Soda’s girlfriend, Sandy, was never spoken

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