Essay about The Graveyard For People And Values

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World War I: The Graveyard for People and Values The Great War was a dreadful experience for many people that put Victorian values six feet under. The war experience exploded the generation’s faith in cultural and social institutions of the 19th century. I will demonstrate how World War I poems stretched beyond the trenches into the souls and bones of the Europeans and their civilizations. This experience will directly reflect T.S. Eliot’s postwar epic poem, “Wasteland” that showed the detrimental effects of World War I on the soldiers and families who were involved. Isaac Rosenberg’s “Break of Day in the Trenches” opens with “A queer sardonic rat,” that jumps into the soldier’s hand. The soldier finds the rat comical and quite ironic because it is just a creature that roams around looking for food and air.
“Now you have touched this English hand/ You will do the same to a German/ Soon, no doubt, if it be your pleasure/ To cross the sleeping green between” (10-13). The rat does not care about the war, or whether he is on the German side or the English side. The rat goes into the trenches and feasts on the bodies of the fallen, when he is good and full, he moves over “no man’s land” or here described as the “sleeping green between” to the other army, and then he continues to feast on their fallen soldiers. It simply does not matter to such an animal that people are being killed, for the animal is eating, living, and breathing. For human have poppies in their blood which…

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