The Grave Of The Fireflies Essay

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Grave of the Fireflies
Japan is one of the top ten country in the world to live in. One can only imagine Japan as a well-developed, wealthy, and advanced in technological infrastructure, yet so powerful and discipline as a country. Some flashback to World War II, Japan was an over aggressive country that almost single handy took over the continent of Asia. With the help of the United State, they dropped two major bomb in the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it destroyed the city with huge explosive expositions. Japan ended up suffering and losing a huge amount of population. Moreover, Japan panic and unconditionally surrendered to the United States, and finally brought the end of World War II. On the other hand, Japan have never forgotten this tragic event, they have stepped up as nation. They have gone through a lot and prove to the world that they are still worthy and impressive. Japan had developed some of the finest anime in the world. Some of their anime are heavily influence by their culture and historical theme. The film “Grave of the Fireflies” provides an awareness into Japanese culture, by demonstrating the traditional role in families, strong community, patriotism, and the strong message behind the story which is innocent people suffer from war. To begin with, the film “Grave of the Fireflies” take place in World War II, briefly before Japan were going to surrender, and it is a Japanese animated war film. In the very beginning, American’s plane fire bombing raids…

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