The Graphic Design Industry Is Not Always An Easy Task Essay

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Holding onto a sense of morality in the graphic design industry is not always an easy task. Most income is generated when a designer is obligated to take on the requests of a paying client, no matter how unethical the specifications may be. Graphic designers are often obligated to ignore their own values in order to keep their careers. Some may argue that a graphic designer should realize that they need to have the ability to put their personal feelings aside, in order to please their customers. It is unfair that these passionate artists are forced to jeopardize the way they feel about themselves and their creations out of fear of dismissal from their positions.

Morality and Eldercare!
Struggling in home healthcare to take care of a person in their own home who is already set in their ways, such as the elderly, can be very difficult. They can be stubborn and set in their ways. Having a specific patient, that is very set in her ways and is extremely stubborn on a lot of issues, have taken medication refusal to another level. We have a very pleasant time with one another until it comes to taking her medication, with her medical history, if she doesn’t take her medication that is detrimental to her health she will become very sick fairly quick. Medication refusal can be a huge topic. Being in home healthcare, the most important stance that one must make is to encourage the elderly patient to take medications that is important to the patient and their well-being,…

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