Essay on The Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck

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The Grapes of Wrath, a novel written by John Steinbeck, takes place during the Great Depression (1930s) in Oklahoma. A period of extreme drought and high winds called the Dust Bowl forced tens of thousands off their farms and many migrated to California. Tom Joad, the protagonist, has just been released from prison and reunites with Jim Casy, a former preacher from Tom’s childhood. Tom discovers that his family plans to move to west to California as they have been kicked off their farm by the bank so Tom decides to join his family. Casy joins the Joads in their journey to California to find work. It’s a tough journey as both Granma and Grampa die along the journey, but the Joads move from campsite to campsite, where men tell stories of how miserable California was when they were there. The Joads arrive in a Hooverville, a shanty town built by homeless people, near Bakersfield, CA where they discover how corrupt all the landowners and law enforcement are to the workers. The Joads move south to Weedpatch, a government camp with better conditions, and stay for a month but still without a steady job. When Casy is killed by a man, Tom Joad kills that person and later goes into hiding when the young daughter reveals to another person that Tom killed two men. The story ends on an unhappy note when during shelter from flooding rains Rose of Sharon’s (Tom’s younger sister) child dies and Rose of Sharon proceeds to a feed a starving man with her breastmilk. The protagonist of The…

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