The Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck Essays

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The Grapes of Wrath Part Two, Chapter Sixteen: A Hard Dose of Reality

Rosasharn tells her mother while they are traveling with the Wilson’s that she and Connie plan to move to town and depart from the group, soon after their car breaks down and the part they need will take days to get. Tom suggests they split up, but Ma Joad rebuffs this, and Tom, Casy, and Al fix the car while everyone else goes to a near camp. At the camp a man tells them that California is lie and his wife and daughter died out there from starvation.

“All we got is the family unbroken. Like a bunch of cows, when the lobos are ranging, stick all together.” (Steinbeck, 16).
The theme that shines brightest in chapter sixteen is survival through the amalgamation of family. Sticking together through the thick and thin is essential in chapter sixteen. As the economy of our country was crumbling, so was the Joad 's family unit. Rosasharn talked to Ma Joad about her plans for her and Connie to leave the family unit and live in town together. Ma is upset by this because she doesn 't want the family to break apart. She is adamant that they stay together. When the car breaks down, Tom has the idea that they split up and half of them travel onward and start working at the California camps so they have income flow. Even though this seems like a logical plan, Ma Joad rebuffs it due to the fact that she refuses to split up. She even reverts to threatening Pa Joad with a jack handle just to keep the family…

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