The Grapes Of Wrath And Of Mice And Men Essay

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Many scholars regard John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men as two of his most important works. In both novels, an omnipotent third-person narrator follows the story of those related to the farming population during the Great Depression. Their similar setting and writing style allow for each to share a multitude of comparative qualities including themes, symbols, historical context, plot, and other literary devices.
Themes in Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath include many moralistic ideals, such as selfishness, cruelty, and inhumanity to others. The third chapter of the novel narrates an exchange between migrant customers and owners of a used car dealership on the road to California. As one salesperson states, “Listen, Jim, I heard that Chevy 's rear end. Sounds like bustin ' bottles. Squirt in a couple quarts of sawdust” (Steinbeck; The Grapes of Wrath 42). The salespersons are cunning; they use dishonest practices to raise temporarily the value of the car with reckless disregard to what effect it might have on the purchasing family. In another aspect, a central prevailing conflict that also portrays humans’ inclination to selfishness in times of need is Banks versus Citizens. For example, when the tenants of failing Oklahoma farms face eviction, some decide to take on government jobs such as tractor drivers (Steinbeck; The Grapes of Wrath 24). When one tenant confronts a familiar face regarding his participation in working “against the people,”…

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