The Grandmother In 'A Good Man Is Hard To Find'

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Monerh Shaabneh
Essay 3
Professor Holly-Wells
April 6, 2016 Guilty or Gracious? A Good Man Is Hard to Find is one of the many stories that may have readers questioning what they just read but is worth reading after it is understood. It is a bizarre story in itself but what intensifies the read is the peculiar character of the Grandmother. She not only reaches a terrible point in the story but it then becomes a terrifying moment in her life as well. The Grandmother’s choices throughout this unpleasant journey in the story leave the readers wondering if what happened was all her fault. The Grandmother resorts to motherhood and flattery in order to save herself from the Misfit’s terrible intentions, thinking it will cause
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“The moral shoddiness of her action is almost beyond description. If we had not already guessed the depths to which the Grandmother might sink, now we know. It is not easy to say who is more evil, the Misfit or the Grandmother, and indeed that is the point. Her behavior is the manifest of her character” (Bandy, 1193). The Grandmother seems more evil than the Misfit because of the transition of her character throughout the story. Her devious plan of imitating a caring mother could have caught readers off guard. The Grandmother’s plan may have sounded like a bright idea in the beginning but as the scene went on, the Misfit saw right through her intentional plan. If she was smart, she would have stopped trying to convince the Misfit that he was a pure soul. The talk of the Misfit being a prophet and trying to bring out the ultimate good in him boiled his blood. He was fed up with her false accusations which is why he decided to shoot her. The Grandmother was a talker and wouldn’t have been shot if she kept her mouth closed. The Misfit had a point …show more content…
It may have seemed like she really cared for the Misfit and who he really was, but in fact the Grandmother did not. Her “morals” during that scene about Jesus and Christianity did not fit well with the type of character she was throughout the story. Thanks to her carelessness, confidence in being a lady, and shallow personality, the life of her loved ones were gone in the blink of an eye. If anything, it seemed like the Misfit saw the light than she ever did. He did not hide away from the realities of life but she did. The Grandmother never wanted to face any of life 's’ challenges. She had hypnotized herself into thinking that she was perfect and everything in her life would fall into place on its own if she simply thought that

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