The Grandfather Reflection

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The grandfather in the film represents our generation, the generation that takes too much, and can never get enough… 6 billion people wanting more than they need. Do you think this is a fair description of the state of our world? Are we headed towards the future depicted in the beginning of the film?
I think this is an accurate description of our world today because people are constantly consuming more and more, when for centuries people have lived happy, productive lives with far less than what people now days consider sufficient. However, although I believe this description to be true I do not think our world will ever come to the extreme situation displayed in the film. I think this because even as technology advances I am sure we will come
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In Cooper’s case doing the “right” thing was going on this mission to save the human race, however, personally, the right thing for Cooper to do would be to stay home with his kids, which had already lost one parent. In Cooper’s situation I would have stay. This is because if I were to stay, I would be doing what I believe, firsthand, to be right and I could know exactly why I was doing what I was doing.

Murphy’s character represents faith in science, but also trusting your intuition. Her brother exemplifies faith in the planet, but also represents the one who is willing to drive off a cliff. What do you think the differences between these two characters represents about the different sides of humanity?
Murphy’s character is vastly different from that of her brother’s because it connects the critical thinkers with those who blindly believe. Murphy’s character represents the people who question everything and need to understand the “why” to the “what”; the movers. Her brother’s character represents the people who accept the “what” without question and take what they are taught as law; the crowd. It takes people like the brother to build up power and form a societal view and to be devoted to that idea and take orders like he does, but it takes a person like Murphy to question these views and create new
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This poem explains how people who are egocentric do not have anymore meaning in their life than those who see from all points of view. This relates to the movie because in the movie the people believe that this black hole was created in order to aid in their continuing existence. However, this is an egocentric view to have on the whole situation. No matter how much we try to change what has happened or alter what will happen, we are a small part of the grand scheme of things and in all we have little effect on what happens. Nevertheless, this is simply all the more reason to do everything we can to have as much as an impact as possible. Although, the universe was created without any obligation towards humans, does not mean that the universe cannot be a tool of us in exploring and learning new

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